Michael Franz


Saturday,  January 21st · 8pm

Book Launch & Drinks

NUOVA is a black and white picture book that examines the eternal city of Rome. A collaboration featuring topics such as busts, tamed horses, top fashion designers, romance and architecture, cinema and love, only to name a few. Bringing together photographs, drawings, sculpture and appropriated images offering an exploration of an intertwined presence and history of modern ruins and ancient times. NUOVA is published in an edition of 750 and comes in a colorful, shiny wrapper.

Jürgen Beck, Gottfried Binder, Leo Kaufmann, Eduard Klein and Anna Vovan

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Saturday,  March 17th · 8pm

Nils Garup


Saturday,  May 5th · 8pm


Thursday,  May 17th · 8pm


new work by Sarrita Hunn

Opening reception:

Thursday, May 17th 20:00+

Additional viewing:

Saturday, May 19th 12-17:00


Saturday,  June 2nd · 9pm

Saturday,  July 7th · 9pm

Friday,  July 20th · 7pm

Edith Deyerling

Saturday,  September 1st · 9pm


DJ Marc Giessler

"uncharted journey pt. 2"

Saturday,  August 4th · 9pm


Saturday,  Oktober 6th · 9pm


Saturday,  November 3rd · 9pm


zwei tote Deutsche live

Saturday,  November 10th · 8pm

Michael Franz

Saturday,  December 1st · 8pm


DJ Dagmar Neske


Saturday,  November 24th · 8pm






Jonny Drown



Saturday,  November 20th · 8pm

Saturday,  April 14th · 7pm

Klaus Kamptner / Leo Kaufmann


Friday,  April 27th · 8pm

Hannes Michanek